How to Gain Weight Tips

How to Gain Weight Tips

Today I am going to give you diet plan to gain weight. or you can say how to gain weight tips.

But weight gain and right & healthy way weight gain is totally different. If you think to gain weight just need to have lots of food or have much of sweet. Then you will not get a healthy weight. You will gain weight. But you will fatty people with come lots of Disease. So for that I have a Good Diet Plan for a full day to gain weight healthy way . if you follow this Diet plan then you will gain healthy weight definitely.

In the morning :

Warm hot water

You should drank a cup of Warm hot water when you wake-up in the morning . This technique will help toxin take out from your body . then it will help to relax your muscles and also help to blood circulation. Warm hot water.

After 30 minutes: ( At 6:00am)

Nuts it will help to digest

After 30 minutes of taking Warm hot water , You should take dank Walnut, Nuts it will help to digest .


At 7:00am you should start workout for an hour . if you thinking workout to do only loss weight then you are wrong , any Diet plan is incomplete without workout . even workout very must to gain weight .

Every daye Workout

So we need to do every day workout. it can be Yoga, Swimming. If you can you do this in the morning.

Protein shake:

Protein shake

When you back from Workout, you should take protein shake from fruits. Like banana is best to gain weight . So you can make shake from Banana + Apple + Peanut + raisin. All these things put into juice mixer with milk or water. If you like sweet, please donít use sugar. But you can add Honey to make testy.

Break Fast:

good Break Fast

Around 10 AM you should take breakfast. Every day you should do breakfast at any cost. You should not skip for one days also. If you take healthy breakfast then you will get energy from that for a full day also you will feel good at working place. For breakfast you should take 2 Paratha or Sambhar or cheese sandwich .or oats or Suji you can take any one of these.

After 2 hours of breakfast you should take good season fruit . that can be apple , Sweet lemon , Pears ( Nashpati ) , khormuj , Watermelon ( Tramuj ) etc .

Lunch : at 2pm

Rice for lunch

After 2 hours of take fruit, you should have lunch , How what should have a good lunch to gain weight , you should take 2 Chapati or you should take 1 or 2 dish of rice, with rice or chapati you can take Dal , and curry with vegetable After 3 hour of lunch you can take tea ( what you like ) or can be good if green tea . and with tea you much have snacks like Homemade cooke toast with butter penner buttered toast or oats .

Dinner : 8pm

Dinner with salad

Now its time to take dinner , you should have a salad for dinner and one chapati and 1 dish of rice . Keep in your mind that dinner should be lite then lunch

Post dinner :10pm

After dinner if you still hungry then you can take a cup of milk, you can take honey with milk if you like :) If you follow these tips then you will gain weight at healthy way I think now you know all tips ,How to gain weight