Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln

Title Desricption
Date of Birth 12 February 1809
Birth Place Hodgenville, Kentucky, United States
Famous As US President
Died 15 April 1865, Petersen House, Washington, D.C., United States

In Short

Abraham Lincoln was America's 16th President. His tenure was from 1861 to 1865. These were from the Republican Party. They crossed the US with its biggest crisis - Civil War (American Civil War). Lincoln is credited with the end of slavery in America. Abraham Lincoln was born into a poor black family. He was the first Republican to become President of the United States. Abraham Lincoln's father's name was Thomas Lincoln. Prior to that he was a lawyer, legislator of the Illinois State, a member of the House of Representatives of America. They also failed to elect Senate twice. Looking at earnings from advocacy, Abraham Lincoln advocated for twenty years before becoming President of America. But as much as satisfaction and mental peace as he received from him and his clients, nothing is more to create wealth. Hundreds of true tales of his advocacy testify to his sincerity and honesty. Lincoln did not take more fees than his clients who were 'poor like him'. Once one of his clients sent him twenty five dollars, Lincoln returned ten dollars from him saying that fifteen dollars were enough. Usually, he advised his clients to resign from outside the court and settle the matter so that the money of both the sides was not wasted in litigation, he would have received the same fee. A pension agent was demanding $ 200 for a widow of a martyr sold for 400 pence of his pension. Lincoln not only advocated for the woman, but also arranged for her stay at the hotel and a return home ticket. Lincoln and one of his colleague advocates once punished a sly man who took possession of the land of a mental patient woman. The matter was only fifteen minutes in the court. After winning the Associate Advocate, Bitawarkan gave him a run-down in the fees. The associate counsel said that the lady's brother had paid the full fee and was pleased with the decision of all the court, but Lincoln said - "But I'm not happy! That money belongs to a poor patient woman and I would prefer to starve rather than take this money. You return the amount of my fees to him. " Think today, Lincoln was stupid. They had never been in abundance and they had a fault in them. But he was the best man in all of us, can anyone deny this? Lincoln never used to discuss religion and was not affiliated with any church. Once a friend asked him about his religious views. Lincoln said - "Long ago I met an old man in Indiana who used to say, 'When I do something good then I feel good and when bad I feel bad'. This is my religion. " Abraham Lincoln's letter to son's teacher Abraham Lincoln wrote this letter to his son's school principal. Lincoln had written all the things that he wanted to teach his son. Honorable Sir, I know that not all people in this world are good and honest. My son will also have to learn this thing. But I want you to tell him that every bad man has a good heart too. Every selfish leader has the ability to become a good leader. I want you to teach him that there is a possibility of becoming a friend within every enemy. It will take time to learn these things, I know. But teach him that a hard earned money is more valuable than the notes of five rupees found on the road. You will tell him not to take the sense of jealousy to others. At the same time, it is also necessary that it is necessary to behave decency even with open laugh. I hope you will be able to tell him that threatening and intimidating to others is not a good thing. He should stay away from doing this work. You should also ask him to read the books, but also keep reminding him to behold birds flying in the sky, to observe the butterflies that are flying on the green plains in sunshine and sunny areas. I understand that these things have worked more for him. I believe that in the school days, he will have to learn this also that it is better to have a duplicate and fail to pass. Anything else wrong should be said about it, but the skill of maintaining it on your true matter should be in it. Merciful people should be treated with humility and should be treated strictly with the bad guys. After listening to all the other things, he will have to learn the choice of things from them in these days. You will not forget to tell her how sadness can be changed in happiness. And it will also tell him that whenever you want to cry, do not shy away from crying. I think that he should believe in himself and on others too. Only then will he become a good person. These things are big and long too. But as many of them as you can tell him it will be good for him. Then now my son is very small and very cute too.

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