Adolf Hitler Biography

Adolf Hitler

Title Desricption
Date of Birth 20 April 1889
Birth Place Braunau am Inn, Austria
Father Name Alois Hitler
Mother Name Klara Pölzl
Spouse Eva Braun (m. 1945; died 1945)
Height 1.75 m
Famous As German politician and leader
Died 30 April 1945 (aged 56) Berlin, Nazi Germany

In Short

Adolf Hitler was a notorious German dictator. He was the leader of the "National Socialist German Workers Party" (NSDAP). This party is often known as the "Nazi Party". From 1933 to 1945, he remained the ruler of Germany. Hitler is considered to be the most responsible for World War II. World War II happened when the Nazis attacked Poland on their orders. France and Britain promised to provide security to Poland and according to the promise, both of them declared war on Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in a place called Vaughan of Austria. His early education took place at the place called Linj. After the death of his father, he went to Vienna at the age of 17. Failing to enter the school of art, he started making a picture on postcards and performing his duties. From this time on, they began to hate the Communists and the Jews. When World War I started, he joined the army and he participated in several battles in France. 1918 AD They were in hospital because of injuries in battle. He was very sad about Germany's defeat. 1918 AD In this he founded the Nazi party. The aim was to seize all rights from communists and Jews. In its members, patriotism was full of corruption. This group blamed the Jews for the defeat of World War I. Many Nazis became members of this group when Nazi Party leader Hitler assured to correct him in his respective speeches due to the financial condition of the poor. Hitler aimed to improve the land, end the Versailles treaty and set up a huge German empire in front of the public so that the Germans could live happily. Thus, in 1922 AD Hitler became an influential figure in He marked Swastik with his party, which is auspicious for Hindus, through newspapers, Hitler propagated the principles of his party in public. A team of soldiers dressed in brown dresses were made. 1923 AD Hitler tried to overthrow the German government. They failed in this and were put in jail. At the same time he wrote his autobiography Myan Kemph ("My Conflict"). In this explains the principles of the Nazi party. He wrote that Arya race is superior to all castes and German Aryans are. They should lead the world. The Jews have always been stumbling in culture. The German people have absolute power to empire. Fighting France and Russia, they should get land to survive. Unemployment increased greatly in Germany in 1930-32 The number of members of the Nazi party increased to 230 in Parliament. In the election of 1932 Hitler did not get success in the presidential election. The economic condition of Germany deteriorated and the winning countries allowed it to increase military power. After the Chancellor became president in 1933, Hitler dissolved the German parliament, declared the Communist party illegal, and challenged the nation to become self-reliant. Hitler appointed Dr. Josef Goyubels as his publicity minister. Opponents of the Nazi Party were put in jail Hitler took over all the powers of executive and legislation. In 1934, he declared himself the supreme judge. After Hindenburg's death in the same year, he became President. The horrors of the Nazi party surrounded every area of ??life. Millions of Jews were murdered from 1933 to 1938 In the young men the feeling of obedience to the President's orders was fully filled and Hitler took over the power to improve the fate of the German race. Hitler left the League of Nations in 1933, and in keeping with the future war, Germany's military power began to increase. Often all the German race was given military training. In 1934, a treaty between Germany and Poland did not invade each other. That same year, the Nazis of Austria killed the Chancellor Dolphus there. Due to this aggressive policy of Germany, countries like Russia, France, Czechoslovakia, Italy, have made mutual treaties for their safety. Hitler made a treaty with Britain and pledged 35 percent of the navy's bridges to Britain. Its purpose was to keep Britain neutral in a future war but in 1935 Britain, France and Italy condemned Hitler's armament policy. The following year, Hitler dissolved the Treaty of Bursai and sent his armies to take control of the territory of the Rhine river in the east of France. In 1937, Germany made a treaty with Italy and in the same year took over Austria. Hitler again wanted to take those regions of Czechoslovakia, most of whom were German. Britain, France, and Italy forced Hitler to give these territories to Czechoslovakia with a Munich agreement to satisfy Hitler. Hitler also took control of the remainder of Czechoslovakia in 1939. Hitler then made a treaty with Russia and gave it to Eastern part of Poland and his armies occupied the western part of Poland. Britain sent its forces to protect Poland This is the beginning of World War II. After the defeat of France, Hitler thought of establishing his sovereignty over the Room Sea by treating Mussolini. After this Germany invaded Russia. When America joined the World War II, Hitler & # 39; s strategic position began to worsen. Hitler's military officers started plotting against him. When Russians attacked Berlin, Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945. Due to the narrow policy of the winner nations of World War I, the Swabimini German nation had to adopt aggressive policy under Hitler's leadership. After World War I, the rise of dictatorial trend on one side was emerging. At the same time, the Nazi party was founded by Hitler in Germany and Germany. In Germany's history, Hitler has the same place that Napoleon Bonabart in France, Mussolani in Italy and Mustafa Kamalpasha in Turkey. Hitler & # 39; s debut was a result of Germany's activities. He has established his authority over the Republic of Germany due to his exceptional ability, extraordinary talent and political bitterness. Hitler's rise in power and power in Germany did not happen suddenly. The development of his power is evident- 2. He was born in 1889 in a village in Austria. His education remained incomplete due to financial difficulties. They wanted to get educated art in Vienna. But in his fortune, Germany had written the complete construction He started his fortune from the first world war. They were admitted to the German army. He got the title of Iron Cross for bravery. After the end of the war, he started taking interest in active politics. Nazism Nazism is a political ideology that was started by German dictator Hitler. Hitler believed that German is Arya and the best in the world. Therefore, they have the right to rule over the whole world. Through his dictatorial complete conduct, he had tormented the world in World War II. With the death of Hitler in 1945, Nazism came to an end, but 'Nazism' and 'Being Hitler' are still wandering about becoming subject to human cruelty.    Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria. His father died at the age of 12, and he had to face financial crisis. He was very interested in painting. He made two attempts to study painting but could not get admission. Afterwards, he had to live life after painting in wages and houses. At the beginning of World War I, he joined the army. For gallantry he was awarded the Aryan cross. At the end of the war, he joined a German Labor Party, in which only 20-25. Within a short span of Hitler's speeches, the number of its members reached thousands. The party's new name was named 'National Socialist German Labor Party'. In German it has a nickname 'Nazi Party'. Hitler's theory of theory is called Nazism.   Hitler tried to rebel against the German government. He was imprisoned and sentenced to 5 years in jail. In prison, he wrote his own self story 'My struggle'. In this book, his thoughts are given. Millions of copies of this book sold very fast, which gave him a lot of fame. His Nazi Party initially got fewer seats in the elections, but until 1933, he took full control of Germany's power and became a parasol dictator. He started occupying countries around him, which led to the beginning of World War II. He used to hate Jews very much. He tortured them, thousands of people were killed by poisonous gas in the rooms. After 6 years of war, she lost and she committed suicide by shooting herself with her girlfriend, whom she had married a day or two before. Reasons for the rise of Nazism World War I ran from 1914 to 1919. Germany lost in it. Because of the war, he was greatly damaged. Above all, the Allies of Britain, France, etc. imposed a lot of punishment on him. His army was very small, captured its main quarries and imposed a lot of penalties that even after paying most of his earnings for many years, the debt was not decreasing. In 1914 there was a dollar = 4.2 which was 60 marks in 1921, 700 marks in November 1922, one lakh 60 thousand mark in July 1923 and one dollar = 25 in November 1923 equals 20 billion mark. I.e. the mark became almost zero, causing an unprecedented crisis of recession, dearness and unemployment. At that time, the people of the elected government were spending their life with their words, but how to solve the problems of the country, they neither had knowledge nor were much worried. At such a time Hitler gave his full confidence in the resolve of the public to solve problems with his acclaimed speeches. At the same time, his specially trained commanders were also working to kill opponents and spread panic, so that his party gradually got a share in power and once he became the Chancellor (Prime Minister), he wiped out all the opponents. Given and centered all the power of Parliament in his hands. After that, he became the President of the country, the Prime Minister, everything. They were called Furrors.

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