Albert Einstein Biography

Albert Einstein

Title Desricption
Date of Birth 14 March 1879
Birth Place Ulm, Germany
Spouse Mileva Maric (married. 1903; divorce. 1919) ,Elsa Löwenthal (married. 1919; divorce. 1936)
Awards Barnard Medal (1920) Nobel Prize in Physics (1921) Matteucci Medal (1921) ForMemRS (1921) Copley Medal (1925) Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society (1926) Max Planck Medal (1929) Time Person of the Century (1999)<
Died 18 April 1955

In Short

Albert Einstein was the greatest scientific and theoretical materialist in the world. Einstein was famous for the equation of power and energy in the world E = mc2 and the theory of relativity. This equation was one of Albert Einstein & # 39; s most famous equations. He has done much research in his life. Some of his inventions were very popular throughout the world due to which Albert Einstein name was recorded in the golden pages of history. Einstein has been an intelligent and successful scientist. They have been very handsome in simplifying the physical sciences of the time. Albert Einstein also received his Nobel Prize in 1921 for the discovering light-lit emissions. Einstein has contributed in many disciplines such as - Relative Brahmins, quantum theory, Brownian motion of the molecule, the theory of radiation and many other contributions have contributed.   He has written more than 50 research papers and different books of science, due to which he was declared a Centenary Male in Times magazine in 1999, and according to a survey it has been considered the greatest scientist of all time. Considering their intellectual utilities, Einstein word has been made synonymous with intelligent

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