Galileo Galilei Biography

Galileo Galilei

Title Desricption
Date of Birth February 15, 1565
Birth Place Pisa, Italy
Father Name Vincenzo Galilei
Mother Name Giulia di Cosimo Ammannati
Spouse Marina Gamba
Died January 8, 1642

In Short

Galileo Galilei was a scientist of Italy. He was a great inventor and he had unparalleled support in the development of visionary. This great thinker was born in a musician family in the city of Pisa, modern Italy. The city of Modern Italy, Pisa, was born on February 15, 1564, by the great scientist Galileo Galilei, as well as the historical failure of the creation of God. The symposium presented by Galileo was a rebuttal of religious beliefs, for which Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment for sabotaging godly beliefs. His father, Winsounjo Galilei, was a well-known music expert at that time. He used to play an instrument called "Lute", a device called Lute, later developed into guitar and Banjo. During his musical composition, Vincegojo Galilei studied the tone of the strain and the tone of the string and the vowels that emerged out of it, and found that there is a connection between the tone and the tone of the string and the sound that emanates. The scientific study of the results of interrelationships of sounds formed by the father's tone or wire from the father was done by his son Galileo. During this study, the child encouraged Galileo to experiment with full use of sensitivity and assimilate his results. He is considered to be the father of the examinator (experimental) science. He rendered the formula of oscillation. They invented the telescope. He made the telescope more advanced. With his help, for many astronomical observations, and supporting the principles of Copernicus. He is considered the father of modern experimental astronomical astronomers. Experiment dispatch They found that the laws of nature are influenced by the other factors, and there is a relation between mathematical equations as between the rising and decreasing of any one. That is why they said: - 'God's language is math.' This great mathematician and scientist dared to measure the speed of light. For this, Galileo and his assistant went to two mountain peaks located several miles away in the dark night. From where Galileo lit the lanterns, after getting the sign of his assistant, he had to signal the light through the lantern and its knife. Looking at the light of the lanterns, his assistant located on the second hill, removing the second lantern from the lane and re-pointing it. Thus, seeing the glowing light on the top of the second mountain, Galileo had to assess the speed of light. Thus, the results found by Galileo were not realistic to the extent, but the frequency and the success of the experiments only after the failure to get the desired result, the campaign they started was unique. Albert Einstein, a great scientist who solved the complexity of light and energy complexity in the earliest times, addressed him as 'Father of Modern Science'. Chapel of the church Galileo was of religious propensity but wanted to convince old religious beliefs through discrimination and experimentation. In the year 1609, Galileo discovered a telescope that was invented in Holland, with the help of this telescope, his speed could be studied by observing remote celestial objects. Galileo made the telescope itself by listening to its description, which was far more powerful than the invented binoculars in Holland. Through its observations and experiments on its basis, Galileo found that unlike the previously assumed beliefs, all planets including the Earth located in Greater Moon revolve around the Sun. Previously, Copernicus had said that all the planets including the Earth revolve around the Sun, for which they had to become a scion of the church. Now based on the results based on discretion, Galilea has also found this to be the case. By that time it was a universal principle that the earth is located in the center of the universe, and all the celestial objects, including the Sun and Moon, are continuously orbiting the Earth. This recognition was supported by the religious leaders of the time. Due to the results obtained based on their experiments, Galileo decided to stand against old concepts. When Galileo made this principle public, the church considered it to be a defiance and Galileo was sentenced to imprisonment by the church for this disobedience. The idea given by Galileo forced the human mind to accept the direction of contemplation in the new form. Because of the social and religious oppression, they have not been able to stand up for more days with contrasts simulated in contrast to prevalent beliefs and beliefs. In 1633, 69-year-old Gerd Galileo was ordered on behalf of the church that he should apologize to the public and say that his principles against religious beliefs were the biggest mistake of his life for which he was embarrassed. He did so, but he was put in jail even after this. Their health continued to deteriorate, and this resulted in imprisonment for imprisonment

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