Leonardo da Vinci Biography

Leonardo da Vinci

Title Desricption
Date of Birth 15 April 1452
Birth Place Anchiano, Italy
Famous As Polymath
Died 2 May 1519, Clos Lucé, Amboise, France

In Short

Leonardo da Vinci (Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519) was an Italian, great painter, sculptor, architectural, musician, skilled mechanical, engineer and scientist. Leonardo da Vinci was born in Vincchi, Florence, Italy. In the name of this village, their name was named. These were illegitimate sons. Along with physical beauty and enchantment, they had the qualities of nature, the attentiveness, and the qualities of proficiency in intellectual disciplines. Leonardo began pursuing various subjects from a young age, but music, painting and idolatry were prominent among them. His father went to work with these famous artists, sculptors and Goldnar, Andrea del Verrochio, and worked in his hostage and afterwards he went to serve the nobleman Ludovico Sforza. , Where his various functions included the organization of military engineering and grand ceremonies of court ceremonies. While living here, he completed two great artifacts, the horse-mounted idol of Ludovico's father and the title of "Last Supper". After the fall of Ludovico, in 1499, Leonardo left Milan and returned to Florence, where he prepared the title of Mona Lisa, except for other works. This picture and the picture called "Ultimate Warwood", are considered to be the greatest of their works. After returning to Milan again in 1508, under the French ruler there, he continued his old work of decorating decorations and events of painting, engineering and court ceremonies. After being in Rome from 1513 to 1516, he took them to the country of the French King Francis I of France and arranged for his stay in the coat of Amboise. Here he died. It is the difference between Leonardo and other artists of Europe's Renaissance that Vinchis did not spend time in primarily copying the art works of ancient times. They were nature's unique scholars of nature. In their portraits of life, there is an inclusion of live motion and flow of lines along with the astral realignment of expressive representation as found in none of the previous painters. These were the first painters, who had experienced that luxuries of light and shadow are the most influential and beautiful in the world's scenes. So they gave due importance to colors and lines as well. Exceptional scenes and forms have always attracted them and found place in their memory. They were engaged in exploring the mysterious rules and actions of these objects. They have unlimited mind in search of light, shadow and sight, optics, ophthalmology, body structure, muscular composition, structure and growth of vegetation, water power and behavior, rules of all, and many other similar things. Was there. Only a few surviving from the authentic paintings of Leonardo da Vinci There is doubt about the authenticity of many creations, but except for the two illustrations mentioned above, other fourteen images of them are considered authentic, which are considered to be the national property of separate countries in Europe. Money is not possible to estimate the value of their current pictures. No statue made of them is found, but it is said that three statues made at the northern entrance to the Baptisti (a part of the cathedral) of Florence, the horse-mounted statue kept in Budapest's museum and the safest, waxed museum in Berlin Museum. Built, Flora's incoming image was created in the direction of Leonardo. There is a similar idea in relation to some other idols, but certainly nothing can be said. It seems that Leonardo wanted to write different texts on painting, architecture, body structure, astrology, optics, hydrodynamics, and mechanics, but this work was not completed. Only the incomplete articles or comments on these topics are attainable. Leonardo had considered so many scientific topics, and many of these comments were so detailed that their description is not possible here. In addition to the above topics, he has revealed the fundamental and intuitive thoughts on many scientific topics like botany, zoology, physiology, physics, geology, natural geography, climate science, aeronautics etc. You were also a proficient musician, only those mathematicians, mechanics and military engineers were these scholars. Leonardo was blessed with unprecedented divine blessings. Their vision also took things extraordinary. They used to see and clarify the things that slowed down before the circulation of photography, no one had knowledge. What they have written in connection with the shades of shadow shadow, who did not develop before their 19th century. There is also something called in relation to their religious and moral anomalies, but it is not right to measure extraordinary talented humans with the paradigms of ordinary human beings.

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