Pablo Picasso Biography

Pablo Picasso

Title Desricption
Full Name Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima
Date of Birth 25 October 1881
Birth Place Málaga, Spain
Spouse Olga Khokhlova (m. 1918; died 1955) Jacqueline Roque (m. 1961)
Famous As Spanish painter
Died 8 April 1973, Mougins, France

In Short

Pablo Picasso was the greatest painter in Spain. He was the most talked about, controversial and rich artist of the twentieth century. They gave birth to cubicism by using sharp lines. Picasso artworks are the living documents of human pain. Picasso was born artist, born on 25 October 1881 in Málaga, Spain. In childhood, he used to make his colleagues a lot of different shapes and make them wonder. Picasso's father was a teacher of art. Therefore, he got his early education from the art of his father, but in the 14-15 years of age, he started making such a beautiful picture that his father had given his entire baggage of painting to him and decided not to take kachhi in the future. Then he was sent to the Madrid Academy for higher education in painting. But Picasso got bored soon after the atmosphere there and he left the studies. In 1900 he went to Paris for some time. Paris was then considered to be the center of art. Picasso came in contact with many contemporary artists in Paris. It had a deep impact on his art. Then, returning to Spain, he became free and started making pictures. Their pictures of that period have abundance of dark blue and rose flowers. Most of these stories are related to underworld and neglected sections of humanity and society. In the year 1904, there was a second turn in his art. In this period, he made pictures of acrobatics, quarrels, clowns, sitarists. In the year 1906, he started making his famous artwork 'Women of Avignon'. He completed this picture in about a year. In 1909, Picasso introduced 'Cubism' in the field of art. His style has been a subject of criticism for 60-65 years, and it has influenced young artists in all countries of the world. All the colors and lines are used in these pictures. About this time, he took an interest in the engraving of the works of art and created many paintings of women. These pictures are compared to ancient Greek sculptures. Picasso could not accept atrocities and injustice in some form. When the Nazi bombers bombarded the Republican forces in Spain in 1937, they worked hard to make their rage against the Nazi attackers, making the giant image 'Guernica'. After this, they voluntarily accepted the country. They vowed that until the Republic was reinstated in Spain, they would not return to Spain. Picasso earned immense wealth from painting Perhaps no artist or literary person has ever had so much income from his works till date. While he used to collect the maximum value of his pictures from private individuals, he offered his pictures free of charge to many museums.

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