Thomas Edison Biography

Thomas Edison

Title Desricption
Date of Birth 11 February 1847
Birth Place Milan, Ohio, United States
Died 18 October 1931, West Orange, New Jersey, United States

In Short

Thomas Elva Edison was a great American inventor and businessman. Edison developed a number of tips including phonograph and electric bulb which caused huge changes in the lives of people around the world. Famous by the name of "Wizard of Menlo Park", he was the first researcher to try the exploration-work by putting the theory of production in huge quantities and putting a huge team. That is why Edison is credited with establishing the first industrial laboratory. Edison, who has 10 9 3 patents alone in the US, is counted among the world's greatest inventors. Edison was of curious nature. Great inventor Thomas Elsa Edison was born on 11 February 1847 in Milan city of Ohio State. Since childhood, Edison introduces sharpness, curious instincts and perseverance. For six years, mother taught at home, her education in public school took only three months. Even then Edison completed the study of great texts of Hume, Seir, Burton, and Gibbon and Dictionary of Sciences until the 10th birthday. Edison, at the age of 12, started working for the sale of fruits and newspapers and offered one dollar each day to the family. They print letters and perform scientific experiments in railways. By achieving excellence in wire transmissions and up to the age of 20, Edison worked as a wire employee. Edison used to spend the survival time in the experiment and test. In 1869, Edison patented his first invention "Electro Counting". After deciding to leave the job and invent in the laboratory, the poor Edison introduces indomitable self-confidence. Between 1870-76 AD Edison made many inventions. Four, six on one wire, search for different messaging method, repair automated machine for printing wire for stock exchange, and develop Bell Telephone device. He published exploratory articles on "Ethyl force" in "Scientific American" in 1875; In 1878 AD, the phonograph machine was patented, which was found in the present form after several reforms in AD 2010. On October 21, 1879 AD, Edison presented the vacuum bulb to the world for more than 40 hours. In 1883 AD, the "Edison effect" was discovered, which, in time, proved to be the father of the current radio valve. In the next ten years, Edison experimented on the production of electricity for light, heat and power and the means and methods of the Tritari distribution system; Under the ground, the method of wrapping the wire of electrons for the kebul has been found in rubber and cloth; Dynamo and motor made improvements; In order to transport passengers and cargo, the electric train and the method of sending and receiving messages from the moving ship were invented. Edison also prepared the baseline accumulator battery; Using iron ore to intensify the magnetic method, in 1891 AD the camera was patented and invented kinetoscope to display these pictures. In the First World War, Edison became 40 president of Naval Advisory Board and invented 40 wartime inventions. The Panama Pacific Exhibition organized the Edison Day on October 21, 1915 and honored this subspecies of the most inventions for world welfare. Edison was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1927. On October 21, 1929 the President secondly greeted Edison as his special guest. In the factories of Menopark and West Orange, Edison patented the invention of 1,093 inventions of 50 years of relentless labor. Edison has had such a success, despite suffering from continuous ear stroke, but with minimal amusement, constant hard work, unlimited patience, amazing memory power and untiring imagination. He also considered death to be a secondary laboratory for other experiments. "" I completed my life work. Now I am ready for another experiment ", with this sentiment, this great supremacist, Vibhuti, departed from the world on October 18, 1931.

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